Funeral Processions: What To Do

Published: March 24, 2024
by Zeth C. K. Folds

Honoring Their Memory Safely: Funeral Procession Safety in Massachusetts

During a time of grief, attending a funeral procession is a way to show respect and offer support to the bereaved. However, safety on the road is paramount, especially for processions traveling through busy Massachusetts streets.

Here's why safety is important in a funeral procession, and some key tips to follow while driving in or around one:

Respectful Remembrance: A funeral procession is a somber event. Accidents caused by distracted driving or impatience can turn a somber occasion into a tragedy. Following safety measures ensures a smooth and respectful journey for all involved. 

Massachusetts Law: By law in Massachusetts, drivers are required to yield the right of way to funeral processions. When you see flashing hazard lights on vehicles, be aware that it might be a procession.

Safety Tips:

Maintain a safe following distance between vehicles.Use your hazard lights to signal you're part of the procession.

Drive defensively, anticipating potential hazards.Avoid distractions like phones or loud music.Stay with the procession, even at traffic lights, unless directed otherwise by a police escort. 

If you encounter a procession:Pull over to the right shoulder as soon as it's safe to do so.Stop your car completely and turn off your engine if possible.Wait patiently until the entire procession has passed before proceeding.

Do not attempt to merge into the procession or overtake it.

Remember: A little extra caution goes a long way. By following these guidelines, we can all ensure a safe and respectful journey for funeral processions in Massachusetts.

Additional Resources:

Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles (

Let's all work together to show respect for those who are grieving and ensure a safe journey for everyone on the road.
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